22 October 2010

Sky - Time Lapse Video of Dubai

Philip Bloom shot and edited this short film about Dubai over five day and nights. In Sky, he shows us the beauty and grandeur of Dubai’s desert as shadows shift across the landscape.Watching this, it struck me, that the city was a living entity.. watching the cranes..the building never stops.   Some gorgeous images caught during the clip.  Enjoy.

Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


  1. Nature & Humans CAN make a great team.... soma da time! You always find such fascinating stuff Angie... always looking forward to what you post xox

  2. Thanks, Angie. Nice video. Great music, too. In fact, listening to the music has sent me off on a mission this morning of listening to other music by Clint Mansell.


  3. Hey there again Lois.. Mims and ~M.. so pleased you enjoyed the video.. I wasnt going to post it, happy that I did now.

    There were a number of timelapse vids from the site, but I viewed this one of Dubai.. hopefully I will get a chance to view some more because there were a couple there that looked interesting.

    MImi, thanks for your encouragement, means alot!!
    Manfred.. I went to Youtube and listend to a couple more of Clint Mansell's compostions also. Did you find any inparticular that you enjoyed?

    This is a from a different site but I was watching it earlier with Glenn you all may enjoy it too.


  4. indeed Steve.

    My Bosses went to Dubia about 12 months ago now. But because of the heat I do not think they ventured out doors far at all. Some gorgeous photography in this clip. Some amazing architecture in Dubia but the opulence of the buildings sometimes, to me seems wicked. I would doubt that the majority of the population enjoy the wealth.