5 September 2010

Do all kids know everything?? or just mine??

Ok .. here we go. 

Brett decided a few months ago that he was going to sell one of his guitars. No problem, really, except the price he placed on it is alot cheaper than what its actually worth, but that does happen with anything second hand, I realise that. $1400 guitar plus $200 guitar case, his asking price was $950 the lot. 

Unfortunately he had already given the guy the price, case incluseive so when I suggested he keep the case for future use.. too late.He comes home last night with $60.. first instalment for guitar. Says the kid told him he cant save a cent to save his life so would rather give it to Brett straight up than save till he can afford to pay in one payment.

Im trying to explain to Brett that at the very least he needs to cover himself and receipt the money or have the money paid directly into his bank account so there is a record... nah Brett doesnt think there is a need, after all this is his cousin.. grrrrr

Then I try to explain that its not a great idea to accept random instalments for such an amount cause it could take quite a long time for the full payment to be met...  no problem thinks Brett he doesnt mind, least he is getting something.

THEN I try to explain that if the kid looses his job, or something happens and he tells Brett he no longer wishes to buy the guitar Brett wil have to come up with the total intalments, which he was already planning to spend... IF he spends it he sure hasnt got the funds to pay the kid back the money. .... Nah, Brett cant see a problem, after all.. the guy is working he wouldnt possilby loose his job...

Its just never ending and Im so frustrated.... seriously, do you think Im too cautious??


  1. let him learn the hard way angie, nothing we say to these boys means anything to them... ive just about given up giving advice to my boy ....

  2. lolol.... ahhhhh to be that confident in life! How could anybody loose their jobs in this economy lol.

    Brett... if you can read this: There is NO better way to loose a friend, or a family member, that to mix money in alla dat! Trust my old ass on this one! Get a basic lil contract to make sure you 2 see eye to eye on this. I sure hope you didn't GIVE the guitar upright before its paid. If so.... I'll have to come down there and slap you myself!

    Oh Angie... if only we had the knowledge we have now.... with their young body's lolol.

  3. mimi, it depends if their young bodies were hot enough.. oops.. wrong box lol.....

  4. Meant to get back and leave you a message and then clean forgot.. sorry

    NO the guitar is still here .. thank goodness.. I know how that would end.

    I did say to Brett, be prepared to say NO when he asks if he can have the guitar when it is nearly paid off.

    Life lessons hey!