26 August 2010

More than a work of Art

Earlier this week I was looking at some Multiply albums of beautiful Cathedrals and Churches. These buildings, to me and many people, hold a certain fascination for a number of reasons. For me I love the stained glass windows, the woods, marble, gold...the opulence. Also, the history attached to such places of worship. But also, for me the pipe organs .. they fascinate me. I have been google imaging Pipe Organs for the past hour and found some truelly gorgeous instruments.. hope you enjoy them too.


  1. beautiful pics, angie...

    my dad's church put in a pipe organ when i was about 5 or 6.... we had a fine organist and the fullness of the sound added to the hymns... (marko also practiced his rock-n-roll, funk n' jazz a lot there, when not doing so at home on the piano)

    when with karin, we travelled a lot around bavaria (the region where munich is located in) and saw a number of cathedrals, churches and chapels... also did that years ago on our family trips to europe.. it was always amazing to come upon a new one, especially the ones in smaller towns..

    and a beautfiul bach melody... will have to google that lezajsk location.. sure looks/feels familiar...

    thanks for posting.. it brought me back to many exceptional memories...

  2. okay... now you've got me on a tube-search.. and here's a beauty of a church n' song... 'a mighty fortress is our god' by martin luther.. (my dad was a lutheran minister)... the vid shows the outside structure/fortress a lot (as opposed to your inside pics), but also shows some of the inside near the end..

  3. woah... check this out... the world's largest pipe organ... and it's not in a church! it's in macy's department store in philadelphia!!!

  4. i told tutta about your blog, she'll check it out when next in the den... she said our family visited a church in denmark where the church structure is that of a pipe organ... couldn't find a tube of it (yet) but found this one of a 7-year-old playing a pipe organ... another woah..

  5. oh, and then there's this... from 'the commitments'... a FANTASTIC movie about a buncha young musicians in ireland, making soul music... (if you've not seen it, i think you'd love it... great music, great story)... here's a scene where the band's organist is practicing his chops, but in a church..

  6. okay.. last one.. (for now at least)... check out the stained-glass art in this church in chartres france....

    woah, for the last time (for now at least)... feels like i've been in church on a thursday morning! (and very much enjoyed the art and music of it all)


  7. Warm thanks for including... see: http://www.visitphilly.com/shopping/philadelphia/macys-center-city/

    [Edit] This you tube clip has some music. Mostly talk though. [bummers]

    Will continue to look for a good music piece.


  8. Sincere warm thanks for images and videos... peace... as ever... Zee

  9. Hello again and thanks very much for the link you saved me having to search for one myself!

  10. you are so very welcome David!!

    I am so pleased that I uploaded the pics now, I wasn't going to initially... didn't think that many people would want to look at Pipe Organs.. but they do fascinate me, as I said up there somewhere.

    And how lucky are you to have travelled??!!! Id love to go to Europe.. you must have seen some magnificent buildings and ruins ( Id love to see some of the castles also).

    I am having difficulty in viewing the clips for some reason, I have even tried Glenns Wireless connection but we are experiencing some very windy weather here so perhaps that is affecting the wireess connection. I know that Brett is doing something with the ADSL connection.. but hey.. whats new?? hahaha

  11. Fancy putting a pipe organ in a shopping centre.. who would have thought, hey?!

    Still haven't viewed the clip .. incase it doesnt mention some of the specifications I will here from a site I was reading ...

    "It's got 28,000-plus pipes. Twenty-eight thousand, four-hundred-and-something pipes. Something. We're not quite sure," Conte said.

    The innards of the organ are scattered through the store, built into spaces on seven different floors. In one area alone, there are 6,300 pipes - give or take a few."

    Truely amazing .. OMG I cant wait to hear it play in the clip above.

  12. wow.. he plays well.

    Would be awesome being able to play and have the sound envelope you like that.. would make me want to stay there all day and just play.

    Was cute watching the youngsters playing basketball.. ohh to have the energy of a seven year old lol

    Hey there Tutta, all the way from Australia :)

  13. ahhh yes I know of the film David.. I remember some trivia I heard years back about Andrew Strong, the Lead Singer in the film and always thought that it was true until recently. I was under the impression that when he was cast for the role they had intended that he lip-cync, that was until they actually heard him singing.. BUT his father was a singing instructor.. so perhaps that bit of trivia was incorrect. At any rate, at 16 years of age ( as he was when the film was filmed, what an amazing voice)..

    Whiter Shade of Pale.. that is such a haunting song. In the past Ive looked about on line so as to understand the lyrics.. Ive found some very interesting interpretations of the lyrics.. do you hold to any theory as to what the song is actually about?



  14. OH MY... Absolutely Magnificent. David, thank you so much for adding this clip.. just stunning! Goodness, if it is so breathtaking on a 17 inch laptop screen I can only begin to imagine the goose bumps of actually being there.

  15. You most welcome.. Im so pleased David added the clips too


  16. ditto... David, please forgive my omission... peace... as ever... Zee...