18 June 2010

The new look in tyres.. these have been around for five years but I've not seen them in use.

Michelin invented the radial tyre fifty years ago. The first tubeless tyre was invented 100 years ago. Now the tyre has been reinvented again.

The next step in tyre technology has been unveiled. The Tweel is a simple looking hub and spoke design which eliminates the need for air pressure.

How does it work?

Flexible spokes are fused with a flexible wheel which deforms to absorb shock. The Tweel also has a unique capability to have different vertical and lateral stiffness.

Vertical stiffness affects ride comfort, and lateral stiffness affects handling and cornering. The ability to tune these two parameters differently allows the best of both worlds, ride comfort and superb handling!


  1. I wonder what kind of racket it makes on the road?

  2. there you go misspelling tire again........; )

  3. Not at all, it's the Americans who can't spell!

  4. Ohhh Dana.. I misspell many many things ( and never even know it) BUT this time Im sure Im correct lol

  5. My first bike had tubless tyres, I know cos every bump I went over I FELT IT lol!!