23 June 2010


I stumbled upon these pictures on line many years back. They have been engraved by a gentleman in the UK...thats all I can remember.. I never saved his name, unfortunately.  

Simply gorgeous work.


  1. Hey, just a thought, you could have your Vavuzela made all pretty like..Becareful with that thing, I read on Sunday that a woman perferated her wind pipe blowing one of those.

  2. Could get the El Camino engraved. Very pretty!

    I feel like such a party poop... everybody's talking Vuvuzela's and I haven't heard one yet.... maybe a good thing with my ear condition hehehe.

  3. ..nah Mims... I hadn't heard them till Glenn pointed the noise out to me when he was watching a soccer match. The whole game sounds like a swarm of wasps or bees have taken residence in the arena. Id hate to be there.. it was annoying enough over the tv