10 April 2010

World Largest Rabbit.. what a whopper!!

At 4ft 3in from nose to tail, Darius the Continental Giant has been crowned the world's biggest rabbit. And he's still growing.

Darius, pictured with six-year-old Georgia Hadley, is only just over 12 months old and breeder Annette Edwards expects him to keep adding to his 3st 7lb bulk for at least another six months.

That's good news for her greengrocer in Worcester because he already eats 12 carrots, six apples and two cabbages a day

Thanks to his huge appetite, he has stolen the title from Alice, who also weighs 3st 7lb but at 3ft 3in is a foot shorter than her offspring.

And Darius may grow bigger still. Former pet shop owner Annette Edwards, who bred both rabbits, said she expects him to keep developing for at least six months before reaching his full size.

She said: 'He is very gentle and I wonder if this has helped him grow bigger than the rest. But he also runs around, so the combination of food and exercise has worked out for him.

'He really is a handsome beast and there's always a glint in his eye when you go near him.

'The frightening thing is that Darius is still growing so he could be absolutely massive by the time he reaches full size.'

She added: 'I only measured him this weekend and that was when I realised he was much bigger than Alice, who is the current record holder.

'People ask me what my secret is, but there really isn't one other than treating them very well.'

Miss Edwards, 59, has bred four of the world's biggest rabbits, all Continental Giants, at her home in Worcester.

Miss Edwards made headlines last year after her obsession with her pets prompted her to turn herself into a real-life Jessica Rabbit.

The great grandmother spent £10,000 on plastic surgery, including breast and chin implants, a brow lift and botox injections to impersonate the 1988 Who Killed Roger Rabbit film character while she does TV shows with her pets.

Last month she offered a £70,000 salary for a helper to carry Alice - who will now be replaced by Darius - during photo shoots because her risqué outfit, teetering heels and inflated chest mean she struggles to handle the animals when in character.



  1. Oh nooo...the movie Grommit and Wallace and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit..is coming to life!!!

  2. Howdy Heather.. My first thought for that poor rabbit was look how he is being held!!

  3. lol.i think he can fend for himself tho...grins

  4. what the heck did they feed him???

  5. ...he already eats 12 carrots, six apples and two cabbages a day....so probably a very unhealthy rabbit?

  6. It's got the Germans up in arms. Especially Hans Wagner (google him) He used to be the world record holder for the biggest rabbit but this little girl swiped the title from him.

  7. Oh, Richard Adams, who wrote Watership Down would love him ...

  8. KJ, when I was reading this story I immediately thought he would have been perfect as "Bigwig". Watership Down was such a very sad Movie, I think I was around 14 years old when I read the book and watched the Movie.. I love the theme to the Movie "Bright Eyes"

  9. lmao watershp down..
    Omg i saw this rabbit in the newspaper and couldnt believe its as big as a 6 yr old girl lol

  10. OK, yeah... the rabbit is amazing, but...

    Fifty nine years old and she's already a GREAT grandmother???

    Yikes! I'm 55 and still not a grandma for the first time yet. I guess some folks start a lot earlier!
    Now i'm on a hunt to find a picture of this most "interesting" woman.

    Jessica Rabbit, you say? Oy!

  11. lol Jen... I had the link at the very bottom of the post.. I HAD to find some footage of her also.

    weird, no? Yeah .. like diet was really the main reason she looks like that hahaha

    I dont know.. IF I was going to have surgery I think Id want a better breast "uplift"

    Goood Morning to you .. plans for your day?

  12. Hey, Ang... yeah, that's ... um... some transformation! hmmmmm... LOL!

    And good evening to you!

    I'm out in the gardens as usual today but will have to stop (grrrr...) to go do a massage later.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Coffee's done now so i'll be getting back to it. Have a good rest of your night.

  13. that would look good in a skillet

  14. Almost as big as my cat *wink*.

    I'm not sure what rabbits usually eat... on the farm, we use to feed em some kinda hard cereal and give em fruits & veggies for treats. You think he's unhealthy? I guess anything that is transformed from its original size is kinda unhealthy your right. Nothing as sad as what they do to dogs to make em as small as possible. The *toy* size being so popular. Many of those dogs have seizures from their brains not fitting the cranium box no more. Now THATS sad.

    Now what can be said about someone wanting to look like a cartoon persona?


  15. I loved Watership Down the book, never saw the movie. That poor rabbit and that even poorer remake of Jessica Rabbit.....omg....what is the world coming to????