1 March 2010

A Chastity Belt for Dogs

PABS, a lightweight harness with a mesh covering for the — um, private parts — and an eight-buckle system to help everything stay in place. PABS (systems range from $65-$95) comes with sanitary pads for canine menstruation. "This way, she can urinate and defecate, but can't let them penetrate to copulate and overpopulate."


  1. I could do with some of those for my cats.

  2. ummm, angie... i hate to be the one to break the reality news... but that's not a real dog up there in your picture... so, of course it ain't gonna get preggers...

    if it was a real girly dog... and in heat... it's be wigglin and wigglin outta that chastity belt... eight buckles ain't nuttin for a determined dog...

    hope you've got plenty of room set up for the next litter of pups...

  3. they should supply one of these to our Jacob Zuma !

  4. Does it come with a keyed lock?


  5. OMG...this is way tooooooo funny.