24 September 2009

Underwater Sculptures

Jason de Caires Taylor's underwater sculptures literally come to life. In Grenada, West Indies, 26 life-sized figures await divers to view them in their underwater playground.  The Vicissitudes were cast from children with diverse ethnic backgrounds. These underwater kids stand united in a circle, holding hands.

Over time, these artificial reefs attract coral growth which helps support a marine ecosystem. 40% of  the coral reefs worldwide are already destroyed, increasing each day.

114 feet below the surface, the Vicissitudes seem to change, depending upon light and weather conditions, while their cerment finish and chemical composition actively encourage the establishment of coral and marine life.

The figures are in theh shape of children not by mere chance, but because children are highly adaptable and naturally progress, shaped by their environment and social interaction. Children are hope of he future, and may create a sustainable and well managed environment for their future generations.

Taylor's  works include more  than 65 underwater sculptures that are spread around the world in various areas. A new project near Cancun will have more than 400 new sculptures.


  1. It reminds me of a candle holder a friend gave me... I should take a pic of it for you. The candle is set in the middle of the lil people and when the flame dances.... it makes the lil people's shadows dance. So purty!

  2. I like the entire idea of it all. Wonderful blog Angie

  3. HI Heather,

    Welcome Mzapplebett, thankyou for stopping by and leaving yr comment!

    G'day Mims, Wuould love to see a pic of the candle lit, casting its dancing shadows. Perhaps in the future when your feeling up to it, Ill remind you . xx

    Hello Again nicegirlnurse.. thanks for the comment .. long time no see, although Im sure you have been very busy with yr daughters wedding arrangements .. congrats too by the way!!

    Mercydarlin.. I really liked the concept once I read the whole idea behind the sculptures. Ive always wondered how artists come up with the intricacies of their work. I initially looked at the sculptures and enjoyed them .. but once I read the meaning behind them I saw them in a totally different view point.

  4. What a great idea! I always wonder what folks will think generations from now, you know? Will divers see these and think that they are remnants of a once great civilization, lol, or will they know that it was for a purpose beyond art? Or maybe by then we will have colonized the oceans, like I have been hearing about for many years now. But we are too busy bailing out Wall St and the banks to spend money on important things like colonizing the ocean and the moon or other planets. It would take away our "garbage cans", lol, if we had to actually live there. Still, this sculpture is an incredible idea.

  5. If you weren't aware of the sculpture, you would shit yourself if you were a diver...

    It looks amazing.