3 September 2009

Chimp cares for Orphaned Puma Cub

Anjana the chimpanzee has been helping Zoo staff to kitten sit orphaned puma cub Sierra, helping the humans at a South Carolina Zoo.

I read more about this amazing Chimpanzee today, so have come back to add that Anjana has helped care for  two royal white tiger cubs ,  a leopard and four lions.

She is five years of age and has lived her whole life at The  Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in South Carolina, US.


  1. OH MY GOD THAT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!exclamation!!!!!!11111

    Remember Coco the gorilla with her kitten?

    How lovely that the animal world can see past the differences and still have the ability to love.

    Damn shame more humans aren't like that.

  2. dittofies the three commenters above.....

    a friend in l.a., who's very much into animals was telling me about the animal rescues going on out there with the raging fires... said that the shelters are stretched so thin that one place had to try boarding two very different species (i forget which ones right now)... they weren't sure the animals would accept each other... after a few minutes of sniffing and checking each other out, they both cuddled into each other and got some needed rest...


  3. http://yummmalishus.multiply.com/journal/item/52/Aww_sooo_cute

    Same Chimp looking after white tiger cubs after a hurricane a couple of years ago. I remembered the bog but wasnt aware that it was the same Chimp, so I went back tonight and checked..

    Am going to google Coco the gorilla with her kitten cause I dont recall that one Deb.

    David, yes, saddly many many animals will have perished or been injured during the fires. I suppose they were too exhausted or too injured to really be concerned about their differences... I wonder if they are still together in a couple of months if that story would be different?