26 August 2009

Algae could trap car emissions while you drive

Looking for an update on this.

July 2007

Three friends, an organic chemist and two engineers, claim to have developed a box that can be attached to cars, buses and even heay industry. It is designed to trap carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide and emit mostly water vapour.  The box converts  the noxious gases into biofuel using genetically modified algae, a discovery they came upon accidentally when exploring the algae's potential uses in fish farming

the trio have carried out more than 130 tests over two years and claim that the box reduced emissions by around 85%. They have the support of their local MP and are also in contact with a number of major car makers.


  1. "August 5, 2009...is the date on the article" and it says,

    "Perhaps further genetic tinkering could create algae tweaked not to produce biofuel, but to simply suck carbon from the atmosphere and convert it into forms not readily used by most living things."

    I thought from my post above that these algae's had already been tested from 2007"

    Interesting reading, thankyou for posting the link Deb, appreciate it.

  2. With science going at the speed of light... you would figure they would have simple solutions to such problems... and when they DO find stuff like THIS... they could hurry their lil butts to get it out there for crying out loud!