6 July 2009

Surgeons reattach carpenters sawn off penis

July 06, 2009

A 54 year old carpenter in England accidentally cut off his own penis while working with a saw to build a cabinet, his mother says.

Stuart Keen's mother, Edna, told The Sunday Telegraph her son had been cutting a piece of wood when he accidentally inflicted the horrific inury on himself.
surgeons were able to reattach the severed appendage, she said.
"This was an unfortunate accident but these things happen all the time to people in his profession".


  1. Y'know - I owned a remodeling company for several years - and this tale does NOT add up.

    Unless this guy was using tools manufactured ca. 1950, there's no way you can get near that part of your body with a moving saw blade.

  2. ... Ok before Kyle says it... I think the guy cut off a little more wood than he should have.. AND .. Honestly how do you like the comment from his Mum..."these things happen all the time to people in his profession"... I don't think so!!

  3. hmmmm... astranavigo08..maybe I will have to research this to find out if I was duped. Thanks for yr comment, appreciate your participation.

  4. I don't know what the occupational safety standards are over there - but here in the 'States, he simply wouldn't have been allowed to operate a business using equipment which would have inflicted that kind of injury.

    I had to conduct monthly safety training, go to a two-day safety course, and have my shop inspected regularly, all because of the dangers of the tools we used -- everything in the shop would hurt someone if not installed and used properly.

    Consequently, a properly-run woodshop is quite an experience, if you've ever seen one. You can eat off the floor; there's a place for everything - and woe betide the person who hasn't seen to it that everything is IN that place!

    Nope -- I'm saying that either someone's 'having one off' on you, or there was some MASSIVE breach of safety-regs.....

  5. Im going to look into this a little further. Thanks again astranavigo08.. check back in a week or so and hopefully I can let you know what I find... see you soon I hope,Angie

  6. Ok.. from what I can gather from further reading... It does mention in a couple of articles from different links that the carpenter mentioned above was working whilst intoxicated, in his own shed. ... I also came accross some very funny comments that I thougth Id share here..

    I'm not sure if its a crime to cut off your own penis.
    But I understand cutting off someone else's is a felony. And apparently if you have that intent, but fail to do the job, its only a misdewiener.

    f**k me, he must be saw now.

    Do you think he was working with a bone(r) saw?

    links to this news article are listed below.




  7. Angie! You are too funny....misdewiener...hahahaha!

  8. WTH??? Unless he had a boner, it isn't possible to do that and not cut right through his leg, hence a major artery! What a crack up! LOL!