26 July 2009

Green Roof In Japan

In Fukuoka City in Japan, they have an amazing building called ACROS Fukuoka, with two very distinct sides: one side looks like a conventional office building with glass walls, but on the other side there is a huge terraced roof that merges with a park. The garden terraces, which reach up to about 60 meters above the ground, contain some 35,000 plants representing 76 species. A huge semicircular atrium and the triangular lobby provide contrast to the greenery, in this space is a symphony hall, offices and shops.

The building was constructed on the last remaining green space in the city centre, so the architects, created a design to preserve the green space as much as possible, while still fitting in a large office building. In addition, a green roof reduces the energy consumption of the building, because it keeps the temperature inside more constant and comfortable. Green roofs also capture rainwater runoff, and support the life of insects and birds.


  1. Japan has always been very innovative.... putting the money's where the mouth is. I've heard of these *live* buildings. They are even planning some that would incorporate farming.... and fish productions etc, in coalesce with living quarters.

  2. "coalesce" wow mimi, thats a big word... lol...
    They should build more of these gardens around the world

  3. Hi girls, yes, I thought this was a rather interesting concept. (AND yes, I had to grab my dictionary Mims lol)

  4. (some words translate well from french to english.... and lets just say that in french? I sound a lil more educated lolll)