19 June 2009

The First time always hurts the most

First-time bank robber (according to police) Jason Durant, 32, reported to the hospital in New Milford, Conn., shortly after knocking off the National Iron Bank in April. As he fled the crime scene, he accidentally tumbled down a steep hill behind the bank, losing control of his stash, and his gun, during the fall. He broke his leg in several places (saying later that he heard snapping sounds). At the bottom of the hill, he crashed into a plow blade, slashing himself before dragging his bleeding, broken body to his getaway car (with only $2 left from the robbery). Suspicious hospital staff members notified police.
[Indianapolis Star, 5-12-09]

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  1. hmmm... had to check this blog out pronto, based on the title.. (thought it was an auto-bio, ahh well)

    but what i found most interesting is that my oldest brother n' sis-in-law lived for many years in new milford, ct.. (they're now in florida)... i'll be seeing them in a couple of weeks (family gathering for our mom's 85th b-day bash)... i'll show 'em this blog..

    n.m.'s actually just about 20 minutes from where i'm housesitting for another brother n' sis-in-law....and.. for da record, i've got a legit alibi... i was busy feeding allllll the critters, and giving meds to a couple of 'em, at the time of the heist-gone-painfully-awry....