5 June 2009

So Cute...

Last year Glenn came home with pic's and video footage ( from his phone) of this 'lil fella' being fed by hand over the side of the boat. For a two week period Glenn and Nathan had visits from him every day.. very cute. Other Fisherman, I would say, also have been feeding him. This year a few fisherman have been talking about a seal which has been jumping INTO their boats with them!!  This morning I was talking to a fisherman who said that this seal had actually chased his crew around the deck, apperently his crew was trying to take a picture of the seal with his phone, the seal mistakenly thought the phone was a fish (or something tastey). This particular seal has a deformed lip so it is definately the same seal getting into mischief. Although this sounds quite cute it actually could be quite dangerous. The seal community is known to carry the desease TB, and after all the seal is being more assertive then friendly. Still looks cute to me!!

1 comment:

  1. Indeed adorable... but like any wild animal... they come with a warning sign!