8 June 2009

Intriguing... quite beautiful

Scarification is done by cutting deep with a surgical scalple. This Scarification is one of the nicest designs that I have come accross online (and it has healed very nicely).   Tatoos and body art intrigue me,, but Im WAY too much of a coward to have anything personally done. .. Would love to hear everyone elses thoughts on this art form, so I have reposted this blog.


  1. Oh my... very nice! On a very nice body. Not sure how it would fit my curves *rolls eyes*. So many reasons our body's get abused in life.... I dunno. I guess its better than cutting one self for ecstasy... least there is a purpose. I'm all for art forms but some of it I find a lil freakish. Check out this file of pics I took at the tatt convention in 08.... speaking of freaks. http://mimisplace.multiply.com/photos/album/22/Tattoo_convention_Montreal_08

    Who's to say what is art and what is auto mutilation.

    I don't get the pins inserted on the scalp to look devilish.... I DON'T get tongues getting cut up to look like snakes (thank higher powers my daughter changed her mind on that one)... I love nicely done tatts.. I got me one.

  2. YUP .. seen yr's Mimi. I was reading yr blog not long after you posted the pic on yr 360.. is very nice.Yr VERY brave.. I recall someone in chat saying that they could never never never get a tat.. lol Believe me, this needle phobic woman WILL never. Im not sure that I actually would want one to be honest. BUT I do love the artwork of many and as I said the why's intrigue me.. Ive had a few guys remove singlets or shirts when Ive commented on a tat on their arm etc ONLY to proudly show me the rest of their ink.. its rather amusing. Great conversation starter hey!

  3. Yeah.. I love this *removing shirts* trend *grins*

  4. I am not liking the scaring thing . I have many scars and they hurt . I do have 3 tattoos . One on my left shoulder . I did it to cover a scar from a car accident . beautiful birds taken from Japanese wood block printing from the fourth century . I have my fist on my butt . just a very small butterfly that my mother took me to get at 18 . Mom had a tattoo but had it removed when she was a model . I have one on my left calf , three canadian geese in a Haida design . I got the last one for free as I was dating the tatto artist . I still am friends with me . A great guy . I did get to see him pierce a cock once , ouch , not a pretty sight .

    I am with you Mimi , somethings are best left alone .

  5. So it's basically forced scaring. Sounds painful. It reminds me of the kinds of things you do with paper - I forget what the technique is called. It looks dainty and has a much different feel to it than a tattoo or piercing. A tattoo or piercing always gives me the impression of garishness, although I have seen tasteful examples of both. This seems very elegant in comparison.

  6. thanks for leaving Thomas' link ... very interesting... rather a different tattoo on his back too. Check his long hair in that clip !

    Im going to head back to look at the list of films he has been involved in ...will have to be in the next couple of days as its pretty early in the morning here and I have to up in seven hours.

    Thanks Sheree

  7. .. no way could I watch that!

  8. actually .. I never thought of that... excellent point

  9. I thought the geese you have on your arm look wonderful... I really liked the design style. Id love to see your others

  10. Bob, I think you are thinking of Paper Twilling ( adn your quite right, it does)



    (found these paper designs while looking for an example of twilling) pretty unique!

    This particular scarification I love. I too think it looks elegant. It has healed beautifully. You can see in parts that the scaring is thicker... that is a great example of how the artist cuts deeper to get more depth of scaring.

    I must say though. .. I have seen some terrible scars that have healed at different thicknesses and heights ... the pattern that was supposed to have been created is totally ruined... not a good look.

  11. Some of it must be chance, but I bet a lot of it has to do with the skill of the cutter, or whatever they call the person who makes the cuts.

    I think you are correct about "twilling." That is what I was thinking of.