23 June 2009

Ice Instruments.. the coolest way to make music

Norwegian percussionist Terje Isungset has for years used a variety of organic sound elements in creating music and instruments. He has incorporated the sound of naturally found wood, stone, metal objects, and industrial machines and processes in the creation of musical works. But his certainly coolest instruments are his ice instruments - made from solid blocks of pure ice, some of it more than 450 years old glacier ice! He is not only making them but also uses them to produce the most beautiful recordings of ethereal sounds and serious music under harsh and extreme conditions.

His series of ice concerts takes this one step further by presenting the same concept live, using fragile instruments with very quiet sound output.  For you to get a better idea of what these amazing instruments actually sound like, Isungset has made some mp3's available on his website. Here you can listen to an Ice Trumpet and some Ice Percussion - and you got to watch some amazing videos here and here.

You Tube also has performance vids available


  1. This is sooooo COOOL (literally and figuratively) ; D

  2. How absolutely fascinating! I would love to hear that... I'll google it laterz see what I can find audio wise. In Québec City, they have an ice hotel. Sculpted in the ice... furniture included. They put an animals skin on the ice bed and you sleep in some kinda sleeping bag. Not my idea of fun.. and its more expensive then a heated hotel lololl. I would love to visit but I'll pass on the dodo. This artist would feel right at home.

  3. Thanks Mimi..I think I have seen The Ice Hotel on line. I was going to do a blog about it a while back. Would that be the same one that was used in the James Bond Film.. "Die Another Day" something for me to google and find out. Hope yr spirits have lifted and yr feeling better today. Big hug.. thanks again for leaving yr comment. Im loving this bloging thing and Multiply in general.. Ive been scouting around snooping at peoples albums etc.. such a wealth of knowledge.. lovin it!.. Talk to you soon.. x