3 May 2009

lost diamond returned

A Brisbane ( Australia) woman has praised the wonderful honesty of people after a $10,000 diamond she lost while visiting her daughter in Sydney (Australia) was found on the road.

Therese Mealey realised the diamond was gone while on a Sydney bus route 208 passengers and bus driver Michael Markham searched on their hands and knees for the gem, but failed to find it.

A day later, on April 3, a colleague of Mr Markham's found the diamond on the bitumen at a bus stop on York Street in Central Sydney.

Mr Markham did not know Mrs Mealey's name, so Transport Minister David Campbell issued closed - curcuit television footage of her. After recognising her monther on the footage, Mrs Mealey's Daughter contacted her.

"We were sitting there thinking, "It cant be possible", Mrs Mealey said yesterday. "It makes you realise that there are so many beautiful and wonderfully honest people in the world."

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