3 February 2009

Google Earth, Google Sky and NOW Google Ocean

Diving Deep With Google Ocean: First Look Plunge

Google Ocean is a major part of the Google Earth 5 beta update. Now you can dive as deep into the ocean as you could soar high above the Rocky Mountains with Google Earth.

Thanks to Google's partnership with more than 20 different content providers, including the U.S. Navy, NOAA, NASA, the National Geographic, and BBC (to name a few), you can "fly" beneath the ocean to the Titanic or follow sea turtles as they migrate across the sea. With this introduction to the mapping software, you can travel far below the surface to spot shipwrecks, track the movements of great white sharks, and wander the ocean floor--no scuba equipment required.

To get started, download Google Earth 5 beta and put a check mark next to the 'Oceans' layer in the Google Earth software. Now you're ready to be a desktop Jacques Cousteau.

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