4 November 2008

A Sustainable City! China Enters the Age of Sustainable Urban Design

China is in a unique position. Whereas most of the world's cities are facing serious decay of their old, overcome structures, China is founding and composing completely new cities! Combining the high end knowledge in green technologies and infrastructures. Truly, a worldwide novum, and a must-see for what's possible - for everyone.

Through sustainable design and planning, Arup aims for Dongtan to be self-sufficient, generating all energy from renewable resources, growing all food, and recyling all waste.

The residents of this city, which will eventually be three quarters the size of Manhattan, will live, work and relax in the city. The final project will have parks and other such areas to encourage an active population.

The first phase of the eco-city is slated to be finished by 2010, just in time for Shanghai Expo trade fair. And, at the present time, two more eco-cities are planned for China; timeframes and locations have yet to be disclosed.

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