6 September 2008

Tatoo Choices. What's Yrs??

As I've mentioned in previous blogs Tatoos hold a strange fascination for me. The Artwork in many are truelly masterpieces in their own right. I've been watching National Geographic's Program on the traditional Yakuza technique of Tatooing which I found on Youtube.. some amazing tatoos!! Then I googled through some Tatooing sites online, as I do every now and again. Why individuals choose the tatoos, why they take that final step and have their bodies permanantly adorned with ink and most importantly why they chose the specific design are all questions I'd love to ask anyone who has a tatoo. IF I were to have a Large tatoo, this pic is very close to what I would choose. Id remove the fairy in the centre of the picture and just have the butterflies flying as they are. I love the sketchy look, not really keen on colour. Athough, having said that, There are some images I've seen on line in body art and tatoos that have been very colourful and I've loved them instantly. Also, I have an afinity with Butterflies. This tatoo is very feminin, which would be a must in my choice.

If you read this blog, I'd love to know what tatoo's you DO have or as I've done , it would be interesting if you posted a pic on yr own blog to indicate which tatoo would be one of yr choices. Best remember to keep the pic's G rated though plz. Get back to me if yr going to post a pic on yr blog so that I can check it out. Thankyou.


  1. as per discussion the other day, yes, a lovely tat here...

  2. .. so you DID notice the tattoo eventually?

  3. oh, and as to 'what's your choice?'.... well, as we talked about that 'let's talk tats' blog the other day and that i've only had the hawaiian armband henna (fake) tat, and also talked of christina's tat... yes, her tat is my choice... similar to the beautiful one you've posted here..

  4. hey.. go to sleep.. i'm busy.... commenting..

  5. tho if there is some truth to that recent tat-comment ya made... well... ya needn't go to sleep right this very minute..

  6. alright.. i just slapped da back of my head for you.... now... g'night...

  7. You know how there are some people out there who deal with pain or a symbolcally painful event in their life by taking a razor to their skin and cutting themselves?
    I get a tattoo.
    Thus turning something ugly
    into something artistic and perhaps even beautiful

    I don't regret them
    but I don't talk much about them

    my first one was a star on the inside of my wrist
    I was sixteen
    I had just made a terrible mistake that hurt someone close to me very deeply
    that's where it all started....

  8. I low your choice
    and your adjustment
    the fairy takes away from the idea of freedom that the fleeing butterflies alone would present

  9. hey there Mr Roggy. thanks for following the link I left.. its a gorgeous tattoo indeed.. on futher reflection, as much as I love the lower back tattoo she has .. I would have stuck with just the the butterflies in flight.

    The closest I ever got to having a tattoo was about four years ago. We went away with another couple who are friends of ours. We had planned the trip a good 8 months prior and Mike and I had been discussing having tattoos done when we in Queensland ( at the same place he had had his shoulder tattoo 2 years prior).. I was opting for a very small ribbon like manuscript ( music notation) running along along my hair line at the nape of my neck.. but as I wear short hair I didnt want it to be seen. .. and then the other place that was optional.. I really didnt want some strange guy poking around.. (if you get my meaning) lol So, no tattoo for Angie.

    My son wanted his tattoo for many years .. he wanted something that had meaning, not just something pretty.. he opted for very small (tiny infact) arabic writing.. something along the lines of ... "The first and best victory is to conquer self".. he couldnt find anyone who could scribe it small enough. .. he ended up opting for a nautical star, for a few reasons.. one is because he has worked on the sea with his father for a few years .. the other cause he had left home...ie " North Star became a symbol for finding your way home safely and symbolically finding your way in life." The link to his tat is here.


    Hubby ( Glenn ) and Nath were going to have identical Tattoos, Nathan took Glenn in to get a tattoo for Christmas about two years ago, Glenn chose the constolation of stars that sailors navigate by in the Southern Hemisphere, The Southern Cross... I cant load the pic on this PC but I will let you know when Ive loaded it so you can check it out.

    Thank you for explaining the reasoning behind your tattoos, I do appreciate that. I had thought that perhaps Id asked and shouldnt have. .. there are a few things I would have commented on in regards to your reply but Im pushed for time here and I dont want to miss word my thoughts.. so I will leave it at , Thankyou for taking the time to respond and being honest.