14 August 2008

Now, doors and windows made of human excreta

Mexico-based sculptors Santiago Sierra and Mariana David and India’s very own sanitation whiz Sulabh International have together evolved a technology of making strong, durable and waterproof doors and windows from human faeces.

Sulabh’s research team successfully developed a strong base material mixing human waste with fevicol and other adhesives, de-odorisers and the like. The designers then worked on the material and made 22 sculptures shaped like doors. All the doors were designed at Sulabh’s Delhi office.
What about issues like sanitation and hygiene? All the foul elements in the excreta die out in around 15-18 months. The human waste use d for these doors were those that were left to dry three years ago. During these three years, the waste became inert and degraded back to an earth-like harmless material.
The project started in November 2006 and the last door was transported in February 2007. The product was finally put on display at the Lisson Art Gallery on 29 November 2007.

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