3 July 2008

Who are these people??

The Amazing Human Body is an educational exhibit that is intended to provide audiences with a unique and visually-informative perspective on the inner working of the human body by viewing real human specimens, preserved through a method called √ęplastination√≠. Since 2005 the exhibit has been viewed by countless people.

During the process of plastination, all the water in the body (water comprises about 70 percent of all cells) is replaced by polymers such as silicone rubber or polyester resin that retain all tissue structure via a special vacuum process. The technique can take up to 5,000 hours for a full-body plastinate.

The Amazing Human Body exhibition presents approximately 400 real human specimens, including 18 whole bodies and aims to inspire the general public to learn more about how the human body functions and how lifestyle choices affect the body.There has always been mystery surrounding the origins of the cadavers used in the exhibit, infact, investigations are still continuing to ascertain their origions.

UPDATE..  http://www.chilloutpoint.com/odd_world/the-factory-for-creating-plastic-bodies.html

The video on this link is worth watching.


  1. I came accross the added link whilst googling tonight. It was interesting to see the amount of work that goes into creating these figures.. and the video was informative. Id love to see more on how they build these... I'll keep my eyes open and add to this blog if I find any.

  2. Thats xactly the kind of expositions they had in Montreal.... and yeah, Who are these people?!? There was quite an uproar about the origin of these body's they use. The answer they give is never clear. Body's given to science with full consent. Consent to be studied or consent to be exposed? Gunter Von Hagen, one of the fathers of this technique has moved to huge animals... I heard his latest project is a whale!!!!

  3. Hey thanks Mimi.. give me something else to look into.

    Its a pretty amazing process ..I dont know how I would feel if someone I knew and cared for donated their bodies to science and they ended up in an exhibition akin to this.. quite disturbing really.